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22 Dec 2011

Registration Assures Trisolfen Supply


IN WHAT is being called a ground- breaking step in animal welfare, Trisolfen’s registration by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Association (APVMA) on December 14 will provide a much needed supply guarantee for wool producers...

15 Dec 2011

Trisolfen Tipped for Registration


IN A world first, pain relief treatment Trisolfen - an Australian innovation - is tipped to be registered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) this week...

7 Nov 2011

Campaign for Wool - Wool Week UK 2011


Over 350 people at the opening of Wool Modern including celebrities and fashion icons (Colin Firth, Livia Firth, Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Bailey, Jeremy Hackett, Lily Cole, and more) ...

28 Oct 2011

How To Vote For AWI Board Elections


The Australian Woolgrowers Association (AWGA) encourages and suggests woolgrowers consider voting for AWI board directors in the following way, owing to the somewhat confusing nature of the AWI proxy form...

24 Oct 2011

McBride's AWI election platform launched.


My family have been growing wool for 90 years. I am a passionate believer in the future of our industry and our growers. Whilst I have a passion for wool, I also bring vital skills in economics and finance, with 10 years experience both in Australia and overseas.

There are six fundamental elements of our industry that must be safeguarded or improved by Australian Wool Innovation: ..

23 Oct 2011

Get ready for flystrike


SHEEP producers were this week warned to rotate fly chemical usage and follow label instructions as the first reports of flystrike come in.

After a New South Wales report of suspected fly resistance to the chemicals cyromazine and dicyclanil, at a Department of Primary Industries flystrike workshop at Coleraine DPI sheep medicine project leader Robert Suter said if farmers believed they had any issues with fly control chemicals they should contact the chemical company...

14 Oct 2011

Woolly campaign to warm homeless


AUSSIE woolgrowers who donated handfuls of wool to make a few suits for Prince William will be asked to give bales of wool to make blankets for homeless city folk.The homeless people of Sydney would all be wrapped in a woollen blankets this winter if woolgrower’s daughter Haylee Olsson had her way.

And the 21-year-old media studies student and daughter of former Australian Wool Innovation director Chick Olsson is working on it...

12 Oct 2011

Livestock Health & Pest Authority (LHPA)


The Australian Wool Growers Association was formed in 1996 to represent woolgrowers and be a strong and independent voice. AWGA is unique among farmer representative organisations as it has a “wool and sheep only” focus.

AWGA is widely regarded as being involved in the sweeping reforms in the wool industry between 1998 and 2001, which led to the creation of...

4 Oct 2011

AWGA welcomes new director, Robert Ingram


The Australian Woolgrowers Association has appointed new directors, recently appointing Victorian based woolgrower Mr Robert Ingram.

Mr Ingram is an agricultural and rural development specialist with over 30 years experience in this field in Australia and Asia. He has extensive experience in large regional integrated rural development programs and developing policy, regulatory and R&D frameworks to enhance the sustainability of rural communities...
4 Oct 2011

Massy praises the merino


The author of Australia's definitive work on merino sheep says it deserves more recognition for its contribution to Australia's economy and development.

Charles Massy says the breed was the basis for Australia's agricultural wealth. Today is the anniversary of the first 13 Spanish merino sheep arriving in Australia back in 1797...
29 Sep 2011

Australian woolgrowers have proven they are world leaders in animal welfare


While longer term breeding programs are under way, more farmers are using pain relief at mulesing to reduce the impact of flystrike on productivity, profit and animal welfare. Last month, the number of wool bales offered originating from sheep treated with pain relief increased by 70% on previous year (see Figure 1)...

27 Sep 2011

Pain management adoption on Australian sheep farms


Whilst growing up in Wagga in the 50's and 60's, I was confronted by what I later came to think of as the big 4 in sheep welfare concerns in Australia, being footrot, flystrike, mulesing and rubber ring castration...

23 Sep 2011

Bright future for wool, says Zegna


The chairman of an iconic retail company with 550 stores around the world, and a major buyer of super fine Australian wool, is upbeat about the future of the wool industry.

Count Paolo Zegna, in Australia for the opening of a store in the heart of the Sydney fashion district, says China is now its number one market and growing rapidly...
12 Sep 2011

When Will They Ever Learn ???


Recently I attended live export hearings in Canberra, chaired by Senator Bill Heffernan and Senator Sean Edwards, and last week, attended the live export forum hosted by Sydney University at their Vet campus. The overwhelming consensus amongst most sensible people seems to be now focusing on the following issues

01 Sep 2011

McBride to run for AWI board


WESTERN division pastoralist Robert McBride will run for election to the Australian Wool Innovation board on a “pro-mulesing more-marketing” ticket with Walcha woolgrower Martin Oppenheimer.

Mr McBride announced his candidacy yesterday, saying he offered a fresh approach to wool growers.

25 Aug 2011

Walcha grower bats for AWI board


WALCHA woolgrower, Martin Oppenheimer, will stand for election to the Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) board in November, citing a need to give woolgrowers a choice. Mr Oppenheimer expressed concern that some long-standing AWI board members might be seeking re-election.

22 Aug 2011

Australian Agriculture - The Greatest Story Never Told


The story of agriculture in Australia - the greatest story never told. It's our farmers that sustain our way of life and help ensure the economic well-being of the nation. You and I, we should all be proud of our farmers. From developing innovative techniques to intelligently managing the land, Australia's farmers are leading the world in the science of farming and sustainability.

2012 is the Australian Year of the Farmer -- it will celebrate the achievements and recognise the hard work of all the farmers in our Country.

21 Aug 2011

Pain Relief


ANNE KRUGER, PRESENTER: This year about 5 per cent of Merino sheep across southern Australia have died from blow fly strike. It's a shocking and agonising death, and for most growers the controversial practice of mulesing is the most effective way of saving their sheep.

19 Aug 2011

A Future of Price Spikes


Thomas Malthus lived in an era much like today's — when emerging technologies made anything seem possible. The 19th century was approaching, the Industrial Revolution was steaming along, and in intellectual circles it was popular to believe that expanding scientific knowledge could create a more enlightened, even utopian, society.

10 Aug 2011

UK heat off mulesing


BRITISH retailers are no longer telling Australian wool growers to stop mulesing. But they want to be informed of what practices are being used on farms, in an effort to appease animal activist groups such as PETA.

05 Aug 2011

Confidence lifts wool production


Strong grower sentiment toward the retention of sheep reported over recent months is reflected in the latest wool production forecasts as confidence returns to the Australian wool industry on the back of recent strong wool prices and continued strong sheepmeat prices, along with favourable seasonal conditions in many parts of Australia.

02 Aug 2011

Mulesing relief 'brilliant'


GLOBAL wool processor and trader Laurence Modiano believes a pre-operative pain relief treatment for sheep surgical procedures being trialled in New South Wales is "just what the industry has been calling for".

"I am really delighted that the team behind Tri-Solfen (Animal Ethics) has managed to develop a pre-procedure analgesic to ensure the absolute minimisation of pain by the sheep.

30 Jul 2011

Wool correction flagged


A WOOL market correction of 10-30 per cent was expected in the next few months, according to European processor and trader Laurence Modiano.

“Although wool prices are historically high there still continues to be a great deal of interest in wool, certainly in Europe.

27 Jul 2011

Pain relief won't stop Animal Lib


ADOPTION of pain relief treatments before and after surgical mulesing of sheep would not end Animal Liberation’s campaign to ban the practice, the body’s executive director Mark Pearson said this week.

World-first on-farm trials of an injectable pre-operative pain relief system for sheep also involving the post-operative analgesic spray Tri-Solfen were thrown open for inspection near Goulburn in New South Wales last week.

23 Jul 2011

A Mulesing Miracle


WORLD-FIRST on-farm trials of an injectable pre-operative pain relief treatment for sheep began near Goulburn in New South Wales last week.

The compound Xylazine will be trialled by the University of Sydney Veterinary School in partnership with the creator of the Tri-Solfen mulesing pain-relief spray, Animal Ethics and research partner Bayer, as a pre-operative analgesic treatment before lamb marking, mulesing, castration and tail docking.

24 Jun 2011

China calls for more investment in agricluture


PARIS - The Chinese delegation said investment was top priority in addressing market volatility and food security, at a G20 agriculture ministers meeting here Thursday.

The G20 should reach consensus over soaring food prices and adopt active measures to address it on the basis of impartial analysis of the source of increasing prices, Chinese Agriculture Minister Han Changfu said during the meeting, the first time G20 members have specifically targeted agricultural problems.

21 Jun 2011

The 11 Amazing Benefits of Wool...


Wool gives superior performance to man-made fibres, and as wool is a naturally occurring fibre it brings so many other amazing benefits...

1. Wool resists wrinkles - wool is like a spring, it has a natural crimp that allows it to return to its natural shape even after being stretched by up to 30%. Its complex coiled structure gives it great resilience against becoming flat and hard, so you can count on wool to keep its shape.

1 Jun 2011

Chick's parting shot to AWI


AUSTRALIAN Wool Innovation should works towards survival without the current wool levy, retiring AWI director Chick Olsson said this week. Mr Olsson retired this week after five years on the board, with three years of his term remaining. He said he would take a year off, “quietly enjoy the good things that have been achieved” and perhaps return to university study.

12 May 2011

Wool Industry Carbon Farming Initiative response. ( CFI )

AWI noted the substantial scientific uncertainty regarding man‐made global climate warming, and does not accept that carbon dioxide and methane by products of ruminants are proven contributors to man‐made climate change or should be considered carbon pollution.
10 May 2011

Carbon will cost food, fibre: AWI


FOOD and fibre production would suffer under the proposed Carbon Farming Initiative and drive land use toward agro-forestry, Australian Wool Innovation has told the Federal Government.

28 Apr 2011

Wool Industry Carbon Farming Initiative response. ( CFI )

AWI noted the substantial scientific uncertainty regarding man‐made global climate warming, and does not accept that carbon dioxide and methane by products of ruminants are proven contributors to man‐made climate change or should be considered carbon pollution.
8 Apr 2011

Olsson clears the air


AUSTRALIAN Wool Innovation wants the world to know that one of its directors, Chick Olsson, has a clean integrity record. AWI, in a strange press release this week, said it wanted to publicise the fact its board in December 2008 rescinded a previous resolution censuring Mr Olsson.

4 Apr 2011

Senator McGauran gives Olsson and Shiel tick of approval

AWI wishes to correct the record concerning a Board resolution passed in the latter half of 2008 concerning Director, Mr Charles “Chick” Olsson. Whilst a Board resolution was passed on 29 October 2008 to censure Mr Olsson and a press release issued in respect of that resolution, a Board differently constituted met and reconsidered the issue on 17 December 2008.
03 Apr 2011

Campaign for Wool Launch, Sydney Harbour


Put a ram in the hands of the Governor General with the Opera House as background, add a media pack that knows a good picture when they see one - after all, what could be more iconic than a big woolly sheep, Sydney Harbour and the Opera House - and you had the Australian launch of Campaign for Wool, a five-year program designed to demonstrate wool's natural qualities and versatility.

15 Mar 2011

AWGA Recommendations to NWD from Shane Edwards


Main points Re NWD Review recommendations; The NWD should be a voluntary declaration for NM, CM or PR wools, (& possibly clips), chemical & dark/medulated fibre risk, rather than a “mulesing declaration”....

10 May 2011

Praise for Dr Sheil


I have been closely following the career of Dr Meredith Sheil, since she was elected to the AWI board. Besides being a well renowned children’s surgeon, she is a passionate advocate of the wool industry, and a dedicated fine wool grower. Meredith’s brave stance on supporting woolgrowers’ rights to continue the necessary practice of surgical mulesing gave many woolgrowers confidence that common sense and professionalism had once again returned to the leadership of AWI.

1 Feb 2011

Senator McGauran gives Olsson and Shiel tick of approval

I write regarding the matter of my previous concerns relating to perceived conflicts of interest on the Board of Australian Wool International (AWI), as reported in the media last year.
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