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21 Dec 2009 Wool future bright says young grower View
A young WA wool grower thinks the industry has a bright future after attending an Australian Wool Innovation forum held in Sydney last week. AWI met with about 50 young producers from across the country to discuss some possible future directions...
11 Dec 2009 Wool fifty per cent carbon View
Wool is 50 per cent carbon. That's according to the newly formed Wool Carbon Alliance, a group of Australian and International wool groups, including Australian Wool Innovation who are trying to promote wool as the ideal fibre to reduce global warming...
04 Dec 2009

AWI made a mulesing mistake: Zegna


THE chairman of the world’s largest user of extra fine Merino wool, Paolo Zegna, has re-entered the mulesing debate carrying an olive branch to growers, and is now calling for a "logical" approach to mulesing.

The chairman of the luxury brand Ermenegildo Zegna said last month that mulesing was the "best solution to flystrike to date".

27 Nov 2009 Wool growers happy with AWI performance View
Australian Wool Innovation is holding its annual general meeting in Sydney today. The industry is facing a serious crisis with poor prices for wool and declining sheep and grower numbers...

12 Nov 2009

Wool levy stays the same View
Woolgrowers have voted to keep the wool levy at two per cent. 32 per cent of growers voted, and of that, over 65 per cent voted to keep the status quo...

11 Nov 2009

Industry restructures – cause or solution to industry failure? View
The Australian Wool Growers Association (AWGA) rejects the call for more Government interference and Industry restructure.
03 Nov 2009 Wool as a carbon friendly fibre View
Scientists say that wool is an underrated insulator and can be used to cut heating and cooling bills in a variety of ways...
29 Sep 2009 Woolgrowers reject Keniry “antimarketing” wool tax plan View
The Australian Woolgrowers Association (AWGA) is warning woolgrowers to reject the call by Sheep CRC Chairman Dr John Keniry to bring in a new Wool Tax.
01 Sep 2009 AWI review highlights need for industry strategic plan View
The Australian Wool Growers Association (AWGA) has described the Performance review of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), from July 2006 to June 2009, by Arche Consulting as a constructive critical review that needs to be the launching pad for a ‘Whole of Industry Strategic Plan’.
01 Aug 2009 AWGA welcomes AWI’s animal welfare policy View
The Australian Wool Growers Association (AWGA) has welcomed the adoption by Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) of the ‘new animal health and welfare flystrike prevention policy’, as outlined in an AWI media release dated 27 July 2009.
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