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28 Oct 2008

Change AWI leadership or more of the same

Australian Wool Growers Association is calling for woolgrowers to use their voting power to change the Leadership of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) after 6 years of industry decline...
13 Oct 2008

AWI admits conducting “unlawful” animal research

Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) has confirmed that research on the “Silver Bullet” mulesing alternative was carried out on live and dead sheep, and also confirmed that trials were conducted prior to obtaining the required animal ethics committee approval...
30 Sep 2008

AWI silver bullet “painless” research conducted on dead sheep

The Australian Wool Growers Association (AWGA) will write to the Federal Minister for Agriculture, Tony Burke, seeking clarification of Australian Wool Innovation’s (AWI) recent public claims about new “painless” mulesing alternatives known as a ‘silver bullet’...
08 Sep 2008

Fletcher must lead Australian wool innovation

The Australian Wool Growers Association (AWGA) is calling for popular Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) Director Roger Fletcher to lead the AWI Board as Chairman...
24 Aug 2008 Apology View
On 4 March 2008 a press release written by Martin Oppenheimer, the Chairman of the Australian Wool Growers Association Ltd, was published on this website about Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI’s) then Chairman, Mr Ian McLachlan AO...
24 Jun 2008

Proposed AWEX national mulesing declaration must be changed

The Australian Wool Exchange (AWEX) proposed “National Wool Declaration” is flawed and must be changed immediately, according to the influential woolgrower lobby group Australian Wool Growers Association (AWGA)...
07 Apr 2008

AWI taskforce bunglers to speak at IWTO

The Australian Wool Growers Association (AWGA) is warning woolgrowers that Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) is again using growers’ hard earned levies to send the wrong people to speak with wool’s customers, at the upcoming International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) conference...

Bales of hay head for Hollywood


GIVEN what mulesing has done for the Australian wool industry in recent years, the decision to place wool products in a Hollywood movie called How To Lose Friends And Alienate People sounds ominous. Although Australia dominates the global wool trade, co-ordinated wool promotion has almost disappeared since growers first voted to pay a levy of sixpence on each bale in 1936 to promote the product internationally.

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