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04 Dec 2017

Support MLA in mules with pain relief push


MEAT and Livestock managing director Richard Norton deserves congratulations for his recent public declaration supporting sheep breech surgery with analgesia.

15 Nov 2017

Country Hour for Wednesday 15 November, 2017


Rural Australia is often broadly accused as being against same-sex marriage and therefore the biggest barrier to it, but today's results show that was not the case, Young Farmer of the Year and same-sex marriage advocate Jason Smith.

10 Nov 2017

Australian Woolgrowers Association (AWGA) delivers for Australian woolgrowers


Growers would have been delighted to learn in recent times that the Grazier's Investment Company (GIC) will finally be wound up. This organisation has dragged on ever since the rationalisation of the wool industry and the establishment of the GIC in the early 2000's.

09 Nov 2017

Wool Industry needs leadership evolution


The AWGA is one of the nation's most influential voices in wool politics, having been involved in changing 3 boards and chairmen over the life of AWI's existence.

19 Oct 2017

AWI: Wool and Innovation, or bullying and intimidation?


The toxic "our-way-or-the-highway" culture that has enveloped Australian Wool Innovation - the nation's peak wool body charged with overseeing the research, development and marketing of the millions of dollars in grower levies collected annually - has dragged on long enough.

05 Aug 2017

Cattle pain relief working at Cloncurry


It's a matter of seeing is believing. A squirt of the blue gel from the purpose made applicator onto the wounds left by the dehorning, branding or, in the case of bull calves, castration, and the job is done.

25 Jul 2017

Calls for Royal Commission to be established by the Federal Government


The Four Corners story "Pumped: Who is benefitting from the billions spent on the Murray-Darling?" aired 24 July, has uncovered that the NSW Government has deliberately acted to to undermine the Murray-Darling Basin Plan. Large pastoralists on the Lower Darling are calling for a Royal Commission to be established by the Federal Government.

23 May 2017

Local Land Services Election


My name is Kate McBride and I am standing as a candidate for the Western Region Local Land Services Board in the 2017 elections.

19 Apr 2017

Zegna's wool growing pains


For the first time in the history of the exclusive Ermenegildo Zegna's wool awards, the Italian fine textiles and menswear luxury brand has paid 50 per cent above the market value to purchase 24 bales entered into the superfine competition.

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