About the Australian Wool Growers Association (AWGA)

Merino FlockThe Australian Wool Growers Association was formed in 1996 to represent wool growers and be a strong and independent voice.

AWGA is unique among farmer representative organisations as it has a “wool and sheep only” focus. No other enterprises are represented by AWGA.

AWGA is widely regarded as being involved in the sweeping reforms in the wool industry between 1998 and 2001 which led to the creation of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) as a grower-owned Marketing and Research company.

AWGA's role is on-going as there is continued Federal Government involvement and influence within the Australian wool industry. Maintaining wool growers’ democratic rights to vote for Board members of AWI is of critical importance.

AWGA has been set up on a national platform to give wool growers and industry members direct and easy representation to AWI, governments, media and through the wool industry pipeline.

Directors Bio

Charles Olsson

Charles (Chick) Olsson

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